Sonoma w/2nd engine


I recently got a 1994 gmc sonoma s 15 and it has a 4.6 vortec in it, but it is carborated. How do I find out what year it would be so I can get parts for it? (assuming '94 sonoma is fuel injected…)


I’m not aware of any kits to convert a 4.6 vortec into a carb-ed engine. Does it also have DIS (Distributorless Ignition System) and a serpentine belt? If so, how does the computer still manage the rest of the engine without the throttle body and IAC inputs at a minimum?

If it has a distributor and a multi-V belt system, I suspect you have a small block chevy, either 305 or 350 CID (5.0L or 5.8L). You should be able to find specs for these motors.


I’m not sure I’m following you at all.
Are you sure this is a 4.6? Since you say it has a carburetor, does it have a distributor to the rear of the carb?


Okay, sorry I took so long to get back to reply…I know the engine is a v6, and it says vortec on the valve covers, and I’m pretty sure that it has a distributor on it. But I do have to look more closely. It does have to be turned over twice to start it everytime.