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Chevy 350 Vortec?

I have a 350 motor out of a 1993 Chevy half ton pickup I am working on putting together. I don’t have anything to install it in, so I’m probably going to sell it when it’s mostly or completely done. Anyway, I have a few questions about the engine and parts compatibility:

1. Is this considered a Vortec engine? The heads are center bolt valve covers and have 1.94/1.50 valves and are original to the 1993 block.

2. Will a different Vortec intake manifold work with it? For example, if one were inclined to install a 4bbl carb on it, would an aftermarket Vortec intake bolt on to it?

3. Will a double roller timing chain set work with the block and original timing cover? If not, what changes will need to be made.

4. What kind of camshaft profiles would work with the original ecm programming for a truck of this era? I know a hotter cam will work, but how far can you go before running into problems?

5. Are 1.6 ratio rocker arms worth it? What kind of gains will they produce, in general? Do they create any undesirable effects?

Thank you all for your suggestions and help!!!