Sometimes you feel like a nut

Squirrel stashes 42 gallons of walnuts in a Chevrolet Avalanche (

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I saw that… and thanked my lucky stars my squirrels were not that nutty…

I HAD an Avalanche when I owned a house with a great big walnut tree. I was fortunate not to experience that!

On the flip side… I often considered wearing my motorcycle helmet while on my riding mower cutting under that monster.

Must not have driven the truck much for the squirrel to stash that many nuts. I’d guess it was parked for several months, maybe a year. It’s not the model vehicle, it’s how little it’s driven.

Nicely stacked walnuts. I wonder if that squirrel is available for consulting on household storage strategies? … :wink:

he said it took 4 days. so who knows. I would think it would take a lot longer. maybe the squirrel had a army of helpers. lol

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The squirrels are going nuts (no pun) around here. They are in constant motion from early morning to late at night and digging holes all over my lawn. Must be getting ready for a bad winter. One year they built a next in my gas grill. Got a surprise when I turned it on.

As a kid we had a big walnut tree and would store the nuts in gunny sacks in the garage attic. Always squirrels finding their way in. Did I tell about the one I tried to make a pet out of? Not a good idea.

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I think almost everyone has seen that tv show about how to paint landscapes, the artist is Bob Ross. He had a pet squirrel that appeared from time to time on the show. A younger one, looked to be very friendly, would sit on his shoulder. Maybe when they grow up they get a little cranky.

Well I trapped him and caught him in a fishing net so I suppose that didn’t help his attitude any. Heck of a job trying to get him out of the net as he snarled and jumped around. Glad I had my winter parka and gloves on in July.

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We had squirrels between the ceiling and the roof for a few winters who were clog dancing at 3 am. and drove us crazy. Finally figured out a trap-like thing that let them out but wouldn’t let 'em in. My husband’s BMW motorcyle’s muffler once exhaled a midden of nuts in spring.

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I have never seen a walnut except in the grocery store. Course I tried to make black walnut cakke once, left the black walnuts in the drive to get run over by a car, they are tough nuuts, staained my fingers, and did not turn out so great.Made friends with a squirrel as a kid, something spooked it and scratched up my arms pretty good. Never told my folks. Had a squirrel this spring, ATT wire pulled the board out from my house, ATT trimmed the neighbors tree and when the squirrel left nailed it back in place and sprayed it with vinegar, it worked to keep the critter away.

My Parents have a walnut tree in their back yard, in view of the kitchen and dining room windows, the squirrels would run up onto the deck with full mouths and do their little victory dance. When he found the boots left outside filled with walnuts dad started to wonder what they would look like after a paint ball hit. We’ve had mice leave dog food in the engine bay but never to this extent.

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If we guess that there are 20 walnuts per gallon and the turnaround time is 5 minutes, then it would take 70 hours to fill the truck. If several days means 7, then the squirrel worked 10 hour days to complete the feat. I guess he isn’t watching Roadkill, but that’s still a lot of work in a short time.