Rodents in his car

'Fargo, North Dakota, insurance agent Bill Fischer has a perennial battle with a certain red squirrel, Fox23-TV reported. Every fall, the animal squirrels away walnuts for the coming winter inside Fischer's pickup truck, then Fischer has to remove them so he can drive the truck. This year, Fischer has collected almost 350 pounds of walnuts from around the engine, the wheel wells, the front bumper and parts of the doors. Fischer said he tried spraying the truck with a mixture of Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper, but now he thinks the squirrel is attracted to the scent. "I have to have a sense of humor about this after so many years," he said. [Fox23, 10/4/2021]'

Not to be obvious but spose he ever thought about building a garage up there in the north country? Squirrels just don’t give up ;though. I’ve got a bird feeder off the deck and I bent the rod so it sticks out into the air a couple feet and then straight up. Just a half inch rod, But that dang squirrel could climb that rod or jump from a branch or whatever. Kept trying different techniques. Never quit. Finally we had to switch the bird feed to the anti-squirrel stuff. Caught him burying his walnuts in the flower pots on the deck now. Little does he know they are disposed of before winter. Tried to tell him.

Old news;

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