Why does everyone with a squirrel problem come to Cartalk?

Answer: Where the heck else on the web would anyone think this was a semi-interesting problem?

So, my wife calls me at work shaken up. “There’s a dead squirrel in the car, and poo everywhere get home now!” She was driving 4 kids home at the time, so I took that seriously and got home to find not a dead squirrel in the minivan, but a squirrel PLAYING DEAD, but very much alive.

The rest of that story plays out like a National Lampoon movie. But here’s my thing:

How can a squirrel get into the passinger compartment of an 06 Town & Country. I mean the engine & wiring happens all of the time. But the passenger section?

Any and all serious and/or witty remarks welcome


Was there really poo everywhere? Perhaps he’d been camping out there for awhile…like since the last time the windows were open.

Or he has a key.

poss entered through the door baffle flap at the rear of your buggy.

You better check to see if the squirrel cage blower still has the squirrel in it! :0)


he’s NUTS about mopar.

ok, completely enjoyed the mopar joke… and squirrel keys too. I don’t know what a baffleflap is, but I agree with you msmamma

So 8:00 AM update: he’s still in there and isn’t leaving. Even w doors open all alone for an hour. I’ve set up a have-a-heart trap with yummy [eanuts to enjoy tonight while I catch him, and then drive him into the Jersey Meadowlands.

Then off to the local dealership to make sure my little friend hasn’t eaten through most of the wiring under the dash, which apparently he thinks is home.

Thanks to all.

What day is today again?

jt, I swear on the hood of the 2006 Town and Country carrying my small children - the only 4/1 joke being played today is on me… if he’d smile for the camera, I’d give you a pic.

start the van and close everything,and fire the heat up he’ll then leave,temporaly,he only wants his stash of winter food.hes definatly a man.and worked hard to stash the goods.

Update: 9:25 PM. (and again, I wish this was a 4.1 joke…) After no action taken on the bait, I have performed the following tests. I can confirm each of the following does not get a squirrel our of your dashboard:

  1. High heat applied for 30 mins
  2. The bass turned up on the CD player while playing tracks from “A Mighy Wind”
  3. The bass turned up on the CD player while playing tracks from Led Zepplin
  4. Both high heat and the bass turned up with aforementioned Zepplin.

We have also won the hitherto un-known contest “Biggest Crackpot the Insurance company heard from today”


he may be out ,already. sorry caps on forgot

Time to pull out all the stops and play some country music. Warning: if the squirrel cannot easily escape it is likely to commit suicide.


no mercy - country it is. I on;y know Toby Keith, is that country enough or do I need to dig deeper?

there’s no way out for this guy. He’s gonna be in my trap one way or another.

oh, he’s not gone yet. I just had a chat. It’s night time for squirrels apparenly. I read him a story.

thats priceless!!! still rollin. keep up the good work.

he wont leave with toby keith,he’ll be cryin for days. REC BLUE MOON.

HE’LL BE CRYIN ,just dont use BLUE MOON ,he’ll be depressed for a year and stay much longer

Leave the door open but tie a string to it and run it through the window on the other side and into your house. Put a bowl of cat food in your car. When the neighborhood cats go in for a snack pull the string closing the door and trapping the cats inside. After a few days you should either have solved you squirrel problem - or the pesky neighborhood cat problem. Either way it’s a win in my book :slight_smile: