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Something glued to the Glass and Body - does not wash in hot/soapy water

I suspect that it is gum from the tree - I don’t park in the open or under a tree a lot - but it is glued to my car now
Took it to a car wash (self serve) and used hot soapy water - could not remove it.

What is the best tool?

Try WD 40, waterless hand cleaner, butter or rubbing alcohol. Rub gently so you do not scratch the finish. I learned the butter trick from a roofer, it is very effective taking tar off hands, tools etc

If those don’t work, Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover, Goo-Gone, or Goof-Off would be next to try.

Goo-gone works excellently for removing sap. The others are good too, but Goo-gone is my favorite.

Let us know if it works for you.

Remember to wash and wax the are you clean after you get the sap off.

If these are hardened droplets, I would scrape them off first with my thumbnail or a soft plastic scraper. You can do a lot of damage from abrasion to the surrounding area before you get the last of the goo off.

You also want to use a product that you can wipe on and leave so that it soaks in rather than one that requires scrubbing.

WD-40 didn’t work
I was going to go to the part store - then I searched google and came saw this video.

Hand sanitizer - yes it worked - problem solved.