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Some Problems on Honda

My car is a 2004 Honda accord 3.0L, 6cyclinder,auto shift. I keep it maintained regularly. Yesterday, when I drive out, I found the dash board doesnt light, then I parked to a parking lot to double check, when I re-start the engine,dashboard can light for a few second then fade, then I found the shift can’t out from park, no air condition. When send to Mr. tire(I happened to park next to them). They checked the fuse, found a broken fuse for dashboard, replaced new fuse got blown immediatly, then replace the battery and fuse. Seem like they fixed it. I can drive it back home. But the problem come back again after restart at home. Beside the problem like before, I also found power window and sunroof doesnt work. Please give me a suggestion of what is going on with my car and where it should be sent to get it fixed(definitly, that is not a Tire problem).

It may be an electrical short that blew the fuse again. Check the fuses and see if any are blown. If so, you need to find a mechanic that specializes in electrical problems. Well, you need to do that anyway. Honda is capable of troubleshooting their cars.