Car Dies after a few hours... Pls Help Me!

I have a 93 Honda Accord that goes dead in a few hours after I shut it off. I’ve tried replacing the battery( now 1 yr old), all the belts and still the same issue. Had the alternator tested ( last week) and was told that it was fine. The problem seems to get worse after it rains ( although recently, it does not seem to matter anymore), so I had the distributor cap replaced ( maybe moisture was getting in) and still the same issue. At times this would happen every day and then just go away for no apparent reason.

Someone noticed after testing the various fuses to try and find what was drawing power, that the fog light fuse were still using power, although the car was off, so we removed the fuse and still the same issue. Something seems to be drawing power even though the car is off. When the car is off, no lights appear to be on, doors are closed, radio off. No sign of power being used like that.

As soon as I put the key in, if I do not hear the “ding”, then I know I will need to jump it ( oh yes, if I jump it, it will start right up) . If anyone can share any ideas with me on this, I’d really appreciate it. It really is the pits to jump start the car in the rain.

You need to get a test light on the battery, I believe between the positive post and cable. If the light is on more than very dim, then you have a drain. Start pulling fuses one by one until the light dims and that is the circuit causing the problem, then go from there. Likely candidates are trunk lights, glove box lights, cig lighters, bad switches, and on and on.

After you’ve shut off your car, go back now and then and listen for anything running, and look for any lights.

Finding a battery drain: