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Ford or Chevy quiz

Have fun!

I lost interest after the first 33. I got them all correct. I named most of the before reading the answers, too.

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Yeah. I didn’t quite make it to 33 before getting bored. :wink:

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Well, I got 50 out of 50 :smiley:

But I have nothing to show for it :crying_cat_face:

Interestingly enough, I’ve never seen some of those models on the street

One of the questions was almost a gimme . . . I wasn’t entirely sure if it was a Chevy, but there WERE several Chevys in the background, perhaps at a dealership

I made it to the second slide, when I clicked “hint” and an advertisement started to load.

I tried 2 of these quizzes. I kept at it and finished the first one. When the second one started switching to advertisements every other page I exited.

I quit after 30, had only missed the El Camino. Thought it was a Ranchero, and not sad that I missed that one. Both were pretty butt ugly… lol

I quit after about 15 or so because of the ads.

The whole point of this internet quiz is to make you look at advertising. I have learned to ignore the click bait.

Sorry to all for all the ads you got, I did not get them,otherwise I would not have posted it, I hate the click sows, this one was ok for me, but much prefer the view in page, where you can see everything by scrolling down