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How Good is YOUR Policeman?

This is a tribute to a heck of a Cop.

He would say he was just doing his job.

Exactly! Completely…competently.

Friday, returning home after my daily toils, I drove up and parked under the carport. I noticed that the wife’s car wasn’t there and commented to myself that she must have gone to the drug store or someplace else to spend money.

She greeted me at the door with a peck on the cheek and asked how my day was.

I asked where her car was.

She thought our mechanic had picked up the car to fix the broken fan switch.

I called the mechanic, who said: “Huh? You didn’t tell me to pick up your car.”

I asked the last time she was outside and saw her car, thinking it must have been sometime late in the day. She said the car wasn’t there when she went out to get the paper in the morning.

I called 911.

Fifteen minutes later, the Concord Police Department called and asked us to come identify the car and tell them if anything had been stolen.

Fifteen minutes!

Alright, it was a wonderful accidental confluence of events … the officer said he was patrolling and noticed the out of place car in the neighborhood and a minute after he made note of it,

the stolen vehicle call came in.

But, if an officer isn’t totally aware of everything going on on the beat, something like an out of place car would not have registered and the wonderfully joyful reunion would not have occurred.

Often, something happens and a person slips and is not aware, like me not noticing the missing car when I went to work in the morning.

Moral: Pay Attention!

By the way, the thief used a ‘shaved key’ to open the door and drive away. ‘Shaved key?’ Learn something new every day.

No damage whatever to the car.

And the registration and insurance papers, with our account and address information were removed from the envelope but left behind.

From now on those papers stay with the driver, not in the car.

Moral: Leave nothing in your car.

In case you didn’t know; stealing a car, or stealing from a car, takes less than 60 seconds.

make sure to notify the proper companies as well. They may try and use your information for identity theft or they may be back to pick up your other vehicle.

I’m glad that you had a successful recovery of your car. We do expect our police to protect us and our property. We need police; otherwise, ours would be a much more dangerous, less protected, society. My hat is off to all the “good apples”.