Soggy Floor in 2001 Dodge Dakota


The passenger side carpet in 2001 Dodge Dakota is soaking wet. I think it is ac-related. Suggestions/thoughts?


Likely you are right. The condensation drain may be clogged and you are getting the overflow in the passenger’s side.

Look under the car in front of where the passenger puts their feet. You should find a small rubber hose. Some string trimmer line should clean it out. Compressed air used carefully may also do the job.


After you get the AC drain cleaned out, you will have to remove the padding from underneath the carpet and let it dry out. If you don’t it will remain wet for a VERY long time, mold and mildew will grow, and you will have a nasty smell in the vehicle.

It’s a bit of a job to lift the carpet and remove the padding, but there isn’t a shop vac on the planet that can extract all the water that has soaked into the padding.


Does anyone know the location of this drain line? I have searched and searched and searched underneath the truck around the firewall/passenger floorboard and cannot find it. I am constantly draining and drying underneath the carpet of my 01 Dakota. Lately I have just given up on the AC and drive in the heat. And I live in Dallas.