So tell me again, how many barrels per day?

Have you folks noticed that with radio news reports these days, the announcers seem to have a problem getting unambiguous facts correct? Yesterday I heard three different broadcasters talking about the number of barrels the USA was releasing from its oil reserves

  • 100 barrels per day
  • 1 million barrels per day
  • 1 billion barrels per day

It seems the radio announcers can’t decide on the number … lol … Other than the first one which is obviously incorrect, I still have no idea how many.

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They should not release any . That reserve is for a real emergency . Just because someone bought a low mpg vehicle and is now complaining about the price is not an emergency .


US uses 20millions barrels each day. And Biden is releasing 1 million per day. There is no shortage. It’s price gouging from suppliers. No out of gas signs at bobs gas station.


Agree with that. This is stupid. Drill baby drill. Besides the fact that by law it has to be put back. So take out the stuff that was put in at $1.50 a gallon and put it back at $4 a gallon. Econ 101, plus its the tax payers that again will pay the price.

And it’s 1 million barrels a day for 6 months if not stopped by adults. I heard one newscaster report that AAA said the nationwide average came down 1 cent today. I lost more than that falling between my bucket seats.

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Have any of you noticed that in your area there are still way fewer airplanes in the sky now than before Covid? That’s what I’m seeing anyway. I’ve been watching the sky for the past 10 years on a pretty consistent basis in the 4-8 pm when local air traffic is usually at its daily peak, and I’m seeing way fewer airplanes. A lot fewer, maybe 1/3 as many as before Covid. If that’s the case everywhere in the USA its sort of hard to understand claims of a fuel supply shortage.

Air travel looks to be down about 10% from pre-Covid travel:

Yeah, I hear that stat too. But the sky seems to be disagreeing. Could be that the flight patterns here have changed due to weather etc I suppose, so the plane just aren’t flying where I usually see them. It’s also possible the change I’m seeing is for non-passenger carrying plane, military, cargo, etc. Or maybe the planes are just more full, fewer planes, but near same number of passengers.

Depends on your perspective. It’s an emergency for the politicians that are “supposed” to control the economy at this time. We know they don’t control. It, but they take the blame anyway because we like to blame someone for something we can’t control.

Won’t make a difference. It’s still a global oil market and world oil prices will be reflected in domestic oil prices. Besides, more drilling does nothing for oil supply until it becomes available years from now.


Not to mention that in an age of impending fossil fuel-caused climate disaster, maybe it’s not such a great idea to have the spigot wide open while building a larger tap. High gas prices are great. Why? Because it makes electric cars even more attractive, which will speed the adoption of them.

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In my neck of the woods the skies are filled with airplanes. Both private and commercial. The local airport has exceeded 2019 traffic level and the more local FBO is rattling my windows daily. But so have hotel and vacation rentals and houses are selling faster than matches at a firecracker festival. Traffic is a mess, too.

Depends on whether people want to come to where you are, I guess.

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I just had the experience of trying find a hotel room in Albuquerque at the last minute. First 12 hotels had no rooms. So yes, travel is definitely up.

I flew though Orlando last week on business, and I was surprised at
how few people there were in the airport. TSA lines were a lot shorter than I remember from several years ago, and there were just 2 other people in my rail car from the terminal to the gates. The planes are full, but there must be fewer of them.

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Such as rapidly falling approval ratings.


Current aircraft activity data is hard to find, but it appears for San Francisco Int’l Airport there were 470,000 aircraft “movements” in 2018, and 265,000 in 2021.

Funny but just this afternoon I heard one go over the first time for a long time I can’t see much of the sky where I live I remember from a few years back hearing more I was thinking it was like traffic you get so used to it you don’t notice anymore.

Selling (from the Oil reserve) when prices are high is just good business sense, costs the taxpayers nothing and could actually benefit the taxpayers,

No different from Dairy or Wheat supports except that the taxpayers may actually see a profit instead of unloading it to schools and the poor who actually don’t want “Government Cheese”.

As far as the actual effects for things like airlines, they spend significant amounts buying fuel on the future’s market which has locked in fuel prices on the Furures Market well into 6 months from now or more.
The costs for your jet flight to Wally World today were priced in 6 months ago so any difference today is pure profit at your expense, .

Brother in law was exec at delta. I never ever talked to him about delta stuff.

hmmm … “Delta” maybe not the best corporate icon for an airline these days … lol …

I always liked Delta when I used their service. They have/had a hub at Salt Lake City, and when I lived in Colorado I sometime flew through there. Haven’t flew them in the past 10 years though.

I never used his delta discount to fly.

I took a flight last Friday from Philadelphia to Seattle. When I booked, the selection of flights was the same as usual. The plane was full.
No empty seats.