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Trump Sees Hope for Boosting Global Oil Prices and Helping U.S. Firms

More expensive gasoline - YAY!


Yeah, but you ride your bicycle everywhere. Maybe our friend with the Dodge truck looking for better gas mileage is on to this.

We’d be better off with $50/bbl oil and production in the US than $20/bbl for now, bankrupting most US producers, followed by ???


My comment was irony. How would Republicans react if a Democratic president asked foreign countries to drive up the price of oil?

I’m for $1,000/bbl oil.

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you did…and I certainly don’t (and that’s about as far down this rabbit hole as I’m willing to chase before Caroline shuts it down)


Good afternoon, yes, that is political. Please, with all good will: cut it out!


Yes, ma’am, sorry ma’am! :blush: The devil made me do it. I’m quite ashamed of myself, although I didn’t start it (this time)… :wink:
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Putin and the Saudis would like to drive down US oil production. Causing the market price to fall below the US companies’ production costs is something that Saudi and Russia can stand longer than many of our companies can.

Ads like that are typically placed by entities sowing discord, not by any legitimate organization.

Can we please drop this line of discussion?


My great grandfather used to say if you need eggs, it does not matter how much they cost, I am not sure everyone can afford gas no matter what it costs.

@common_sense_answer Our site uses a third-party service that places ads. I don’t get the ones you’re seeing—mine are for hand sanitizer and auto repair near my place. So it must use some combination of location data and search info or something.

It’s not political bias, and it’s not Car Talk. I have no interest in getting you to talk more about politics than you already do.


Russia and Saudi don’t need to shut down US production (although lots of low production wells will be shut in). They’re shutting down US drilling, which will have longer-term impacts.

@RandomTroll shouldn’t have done it, either.

What did RandomTroll do that he shouldn’t have?

I don’t get it. It’s always somber faces when Christine Romans or one of the others announces lower oil prices. Who would benefit from higher oil prices? Beside the oil companies. Somebody explain why I should be paying more for gasoline and oil products.

He’s used a picture of Hans Conried for himself. No?

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You have much greater vision than I. Nailed it! Silly me just a pic of my dog at the lake sitting on her favorite kneeboard. Missing the golden retriever, :frowning:

This is just a random thought… The moniker? :smirk:
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