Snow Plowing



I will be snow plowing this winter, with a F250, in the Boston area. This area can get all types of snow all winter long. Who makes the best all around tire to purchase for snow plowing w/o giving up to much on the ride?


Look at the Cooper Discovery ATR’s or Cooper Discovery AT’s…excellent tires. Great in snow…and very good dry and wet weather driving.


You won’t lose much ride in a F-250 since the tires may need at least 45 PSI and possible 60. Any brand should do the trick.


I’ve always liked the BFG AT’s. I run the MT’s myself, but you wouldn’t want those for plowing snow:)


Another vote for the BFGs. I used to have a 3/4 ton 4x4 with those on it and didn’t even need to go into 4 wheel most of the time. 8’ blade and no ballast. The difference in traction was astounding compared to the previous tires. I never regretted buying those.