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Tire selection help

I’m looking at tires for my 4x4 regular cab pickup.

Costco has the best price in my neck of the woods. A Michelin LTX M/S,and a BF Goodrich long trail T/A Tour.

Disregarding price, whats the better all around tire?

Michelin owns BF Goodrich. So its like the difference between Lexus and Toyota. Michelin being the premium name, and BF Goodrich being high value and performance. I have purchase BF Goodrich tires on more then one occasion, and have always been pleased.

check out tire rac ratings for your size/brand of tires…real good site

I’ve checked Tire Rack ratings and both tires fair well. I don’t do any heavy hauling,only occasionally. I’m in the New England region where we get lots of rain,at least this year,and lots of snow.

The BFG Long Trails are no great shakes IMHO, everyone I know who as them aren’t impressed. The Michelins are reputed to be excellent tires, but they are a bit pricey. I had Bridgestone Dueler AT Revos on my Bronco at one point, they were excellent IMO. As good a balance on onroad/offroad performance as you’re going to find, and for a reasonable cost.

personally when it comes to tires I tend to buy the best that I can afford…safety first.