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Snow plow subaru deja vu

Do you remember the custom snow plow conversation in the latest installment of Car Talk?

It seems that in the April 2nd, 2005 episode of Car Talk, toward the end of the show, there was also a caller who asked about making a custom snow plow for her Subaru. Her name was also Leanne, she spelled her name the same way, and she was also from Connecticut. In fact, she carried on the exact same conversation with Tom and Ray that we heard in the most recent show.

That’s right, folks. This particular call is an old, repeat, from 2005. (I found this out because at some point in recent history, I had purchased and listened to this archived show through the Audible website.)

In light of this discovery, I can only draw the following conclusions.

1) Tom and Ray were abducted by flying saucer space aliens during the recording of their latest show.

2) These space aliens were car enthusiasts. They were wacky martians who are anything but “down to earth”, so they had an old Fiat that needed fixing.

3) Understandably, Even their high-tech futuristic space gadgets could do nothing for the Fiat. So, they hoped that the two mechanics would be able to help them.

4) While Tom and Ray were aboard their space ship, the aliens tried to cover their tracks by creating a temporal anomaly inside the Car Talk studio, sending it back in time to the precise moment they received the call from Leanne about the custom plow idea.

5)It didn’t take the aliens long to realize that, between both Tom and Ray, there was certainly nothing that could be done about the Fiat. So, after punishing Click and Clack with partial lobotomies, they beamed them back to the studio, erased any memory of their encounter, and brought the studio back to the year 2011.

6) Tom and Ray finished the show as normal, but little did they know, they became a little stupider in the process.

7) This could be one of many times that incidents similar to this have occurred. This explains the steady deterioration of brain matter in our Car Talk hosts over the years.

We need to find a way to scan for these intruding space aliens and prevent them from doing any more damage, or else Car Talk will gradually be reduced to nothing but mindless drivel! IT MIGHT ALREADY BE TOO LATE.

But don’t worry, I am a loyal fan and will always keep listening. :slight_smile:

D?j? vu. I hate when that happens. People have short memories in general, but you do not. I wonder if it ever got built.

I’m not sure, but if you go to YouTube and search for “subaru snow plow”, there is an interesting video featuring a '97 Impreza.