I enjoyed the short discussion about new words on a recent edition of your show. Last year I wanted to compose a winter poem to be a companion to the springtime poem, “Spring has sprung. The grass is riz. I wonder where the birdies is…” My effort resulted in these verses. I hope you enjoy them. I love the show.

It’s cold and snowy -
The water’s frozey -
What are these drips -
Beneath my nosey?

Sometimes they itches -
Sometimes they tickles -
But it’s alright -
They just snotcicles.

Learned that word way more than fifty years ago while gathering firewood in the woods of northern Wisconsin. As for the comments on how stupid chickens are, I refer you to a response to that assertion mad by my then four year old son. "Those chickens are NOT stupid, they know everything a chicken needs to know!

Verse 2 eloquate on mostacicles!

Hey, Guys…Sorry to say, but “snotcicles” is an old and revered Nordic ski term. I first heard the word when I started racing in 1964. Always fun to share stories after a race about how many snotcicles you grew during a long or very cold race, sort of a “badge” of honor. I have a video somewhere of the Junior Olympic ski competitions in Anchorage from back in the early '90’s when my kids were racing in high school. Some poor kid from the MidWest team got a cameo closeup 45 seconds of video while climbing one of the tougher hills in Kincaid Park. He was really working his rear off, but, unfortunately for him, he was sporting a two inch snotcicle the whole time, until the end of the snippet when he inhaled the whole thing! Wish I knew how he was doing today, enough to scar someone for life, a Bill Buckner moment. Anyway, thanks for the laughs. I’ll think of you each ski race this season…Tom Wolski

I offer this as a photographic definition of a snotcicle.