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Slush Polyps?

Fenderbergs, carcicles, creme of street and slush polyps: what would you call those enormous chunks of icy, slushy snow hanging off the wheel wells? Tom and Ray shared their favorite suggestions on this week's Car Talk. (You can hear it right here.)

Now, it's your turn! Help us create a much needed new word in the automotive lexicon.

What are your suggestions? Share 'em here!

Slush Puppies


they attach to the car

why not carbunkles?

I’m from the Upper Midwest (Wisconsin/Minnesota), where we have had the term “grogblossom” in our family for many years

In Wisconsin we refer to these as “snow turds.”


C’mon guys, hasn’t ANYONE suggested “Snoogers”? [You should’ve gotten 20-30 by now.] I got it by substituting “Sn” (for snow, get it?) for the “B” – am I getting through the bone yet? If not, I’m not gonna explain any further. I thought of it while listeniing to your Saturday (April 2) show, and after grossing out, loved it, realizing that both…objects? substances?..form in a disgustingly similar manner, and leave equally … problematic residues.

Karstsicles as in “Karst” (stalactites)

For a few years at work, we have been working on naming those icy chunks that form in the wheel wells. Here are our favorites: CRUD-SICLES and SLUSH PUPPIES.

Very familiar with this…
My pop used to refer to this as
He’s in Florida now so he no longer has a need for this term–
but I still use the term frequently as I still live in Ohio

Car-buncles ? Carnacles ?

We lived in Michigan for many years in the 80s when there was a news anchor named Mort Crim. At that time we named these features in his honor… they are crim when still bound to the car and morts when they drop on the road.

As in what you find in a cow pasture, how about “car plops.”

Not so clever, but chunk-kicking in an established and respected sport of the upper Midwest. The St. Paul, Minnesota annual Winter Carnival used to feature a chunk-kicking contest, in which contestants competed in kicking chunks of ice and snow from their cars’ wheel wells and mud guards. An International Association of Professional Chunk Kickers was formed. See:

Whatever these things are, one of them fell off a passing car, hit the moving tire, shot out at lightning speed and hit me just above my right eye as I was walking home from Girl Scouts in the 3rd grade. How dare it attack an completely innocent Girl Scout! Beware of the fenderbergs!!

From the “Ocean Shark” series - Carmoras

From the “Medieval Times” series - Cargoyles

I live in Wisconsin. I heard the term “car turds” many years ago from a friend who is since deceased. Your discussion made me think of him.

How about Highway Slobbery?

The item in question is a combination of snow, dirt, ice, salt and heaven only knows what else, I think they should be referred to as “snirtles”?