Smoothest, quietest of sml, med SUV/CUVs?

Want a new SUV/CUV, sml or med, which is smooth riding & quiet (like a sedan). Am old, feeble, 1/2 deaf, have a sick wife, & those are my key requirements. Help??? dick smith

What are the quietest & smoothest of the larger sml SUV/


Most car like driving…Honda Pilot. Quietest, most carlike overall…my vote is the
Buick Enclave,GMC Arcadia, Chevrolet Traverse and now-discontinued Saturn Outlook .

Thank you, “Dagosa”! Appreciate. dick smith

I’d like to think my CX-7 is pretty quiet and smooth handling. Then again, I’ve been driving a 2 door Honda Civic for the past 8 years, so anything is pretty much a step up from that in terms of smooth and quiet. I’d imagine the CX-9 to be a bit more so than the CX-7 since it’s a bit larger

Thank you, “bscar”! dick smith

Smoothest/quietest - give the Lexus RX-350 a try.

The Toyota version would be a Venza, maybe a Highlander. The ‘Limited’ version of either would also be worth a look.

Something car based like the Lexus RX350 or Acura MDX should work.

We really like our Lexus RX450, quite, reliable and good on gas.

Thank you, Texases! dick smith

Thanks, Hproduction. dick smith