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Best Ride

I am severely handicapped. Therefore, I need a very smooth ride. I currently own a 2004 TownCar. We’re looking to purchase a new 2009 or 2010 vehicle. What car has the best ride?

You can’t go wrong with another towncar.


Are you comfortable in the Town Car? Is it difficult to get into and out of? If so, you should consider a small SUV. We have two friends; one has arthritic knees and the other degenerative back disease. Both are happy with the Honda CR-V. Look at other small SUVs, like the Ford Escape or Toyota Rav4. There are several others like this. If you want the names, just ask. Any car salesman will be extremely happy to test-sit the SUVs. And I believe that all cars have a serious discount these days.

I don’t have any problems getting in and out of the Town Car. Plus the quiet ride is important to me. I’m very sensitive to sounds and that’s also one reason for staying with the Town Car. Thanks for your input.

If you are happy with the TownCar a new one may be best. Small SUV’s will seem course and noisy comnpared to the TownCar. If you want to downsize and save some gas test drive a Toyota Camry. Both the 4 and 6 cyclinder versions are smooth and quiet on the road. The 6 will have power more comparable to the TownCar. If you don’t need the power the 4 is better on gas. 2004 TownCars usually run forever, if yours is comfy and in good shape perhaps it needs a trip to a good detailer, new tires, and brakes and voila you have a like new car!

Test drive a Buick to see if you like it. Buick’s are among the quietest cars on the road. They use safety glass in all windows to reduce road noise and lots of insulation. I’ve had Buick and Town Car rentals, and I’d choose Buick for a quiet ride. Test drive a Lucerne CXL-5 and decide. You’ll even save about $10,000. If you want to check out a Lexus GS 350.

Great input! One reason we’re thinking about a new TownCar versus a good detailer is, We heard that Lincoln may stop making it next year. I’ve tried to get an answer from “The Glass House” with no luck. They keep telling me to talk to my dealer. My dealer has no idea. Thanks again for the input. In fact, today we talked about a good detailer.

I’ve heard that as well. However the Towncar shares much of it’s running gear and alot of it’s parts with the Ford Crown Vic/Mercury Grand Marquis. Even if the Town Car is discontiuned, parts will still be cheap and plentiful since Ford has no plans to discontinue the Crown Vic Police Interceptor. (You can no longer by a new civllian Crown Vic, they only make them for fleet use now). So there is no need to worry about not being able to service or repair a new Town Car.

And, the mechanical twin of the Crown Victoria, the Mercury Grand Marquis, is still being sold. Parts for Town Cars, Crown Victorias, and Grand Marquis will be available long after we are all dead and gone!

Thanks again for all the info about the Town Car. So why is it that Jaguar, Lexus BMW don’t compete as far a ride is concern?

Probably because the European cars have much stiffer suspension (and handle an order of magnitude better than any Towncar.) However they don’t have the same
QEII-esque, soft ride of a Town Car. The Panther platform (Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, and Town Car really only appeal to two demographics, law enforcement and senior citizens. I think it’s a law that if you are over the age of 65 you have to drive a Crown Vic or Grand Marquis :slight_smile:

Americna car companies excel at Vibration, Noise and Harshness (VHN) control. Whatever the shortcomings of US cars, they tend to be quiet and smooth riding. My personal choice would be a top of the line Buick; very quiet. The only import that would equal this is the top of the line Lexus (400 series) which costs nearly twice as much.

I get headaches in a noisy car on a long trip and wear industrial ear plugs so I can drive for 10 hours and still be able to sleep when I check into the hotel. I also wear earplugs on long plane trips. You might try this inexpensive solution as well; but I would still recommend a quiet car. As others point out, the Town Car is a good choice as well.

If you can afford the cost, the full size Lexus is one of the smoothest and quietest cars ever produced.

By full size do you mean GS or ES?

If you need a smooth ride, I would stick with the Lincoln. To suggest the Honda CRV is redicules.I bought a new one and it rides very hard. I will say, it now has almost 7000 miles and either I have got used to the harsh ride or it is breaking in.

Having a short wheel base, I did not expect a real smooth ride nor did I expect such a hard ride. Otherwise it is a great car.

Full size would be the LS, big $$. GS is sporty, tighter fit. I have an older ES, it’s very smooth, would be a smoother alternative to a Camry, upon which it’s based. Rear seat is much tighter than the Town Car, though.


The Lincoln Town Car and the Mercury and Ford clones (Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria) are still made in St Thomas, Ontairo, Canada. This plant will close next year, and all production of these cars will cease. This is public knowledge in Canada, I can’t understand why Ford and the dealer are so secretive.

However, the new Ford Flex is an exceptionally quiet car, and you should take a drive in it. It cost about the same size as a Crown Victoria, very spacious, and handles much better.

Another quiet and reasonably priced car is the Toyota Avalon, a cushy version of the Camry aimed at senior buyres.

2005 Jaguar Vanden Plas = $80,000 new car going for $18k - $20k gently used with <30k miles. Yes, Jag has vastly improved their quality. CATS air suspension rides like a dream. All aluminum car gets 30+ MPG on the highway. Don’t knock it until you’ve driven it.