Looking for a smooth-riding GM SUV

Ray looking -looking for a smooth riding suv-currently drive lexus sedan. am anle to get employee discount on GM cars. Which suv should I look at?

As far as we know Ray never answers here . Two words for you ( Test Drive ).

The Suburban Denali and Escalade both very well. Both have electronic shocks as options. You want that.

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Buick Enclave.


The Dalani is a large SUV and the ride is smooth.If you don’t mind spending a fortune on gas,this is the one.

I’ve had both a Chevy Suburban and Buick Enclave as rentals, and both are excellent choices in the GM lineup. Both are quiet as well. I’m not used to extremely large vehicles and I found the Suburban unwieldy. I’m sure I could get used to that, though. You also might not get the Suburban in your garage if you have one. Measure the length of the garage parking pad and width of your garage door to see if it fits. One of my neighbors has an Escalade and they always park in the driveway. It’s the same size as the Tahoe/Yukon, BTW. Weasure the width of the vehicle from the outer edge of the side mirrors. The more expensive versions like the Escalade and Denali trim probably have power side mirrors, but more room is better. Our 2019 Honda Odyssey fits in the garage, but there is only 1” of space outside the mirrors. Mrs. JT is used to it now, but had a heck of a time learning to negotiate the garage opening.

The smoothest of them all would be Yukon Denali.

Any suggestion for a midsized SUV? :slight_smile:

You really need to do some test drives, an Acadia from GMC might work. Going at a great discount for off lease 3 years old. Unlimited is the bigger version. Big complaint with the smaller version, shift into park but engine will not shut off as far as I see. Yes we bought a 2017 limited a month ago, a little big in the pants, but loving it for trips with all our stuff to the cabins and towing package for the boat. 3rd row seats folded down 2 sets of golf clubs and pull carts for me and my bud and was ample room to spare.

I liked the Buick Encore or whatever it is called. The smaller SUV.

Head over to the biggest used car lot in your area. CarMax, maybe. Take test drives in any mid sized suv that catches your eye. In a very short time you should be able to narrow it down. See if you can get a weekend or overnight extended test drive from the used lot or a new car dealer. That is the best way to get something that wil, satisfy you.

What a great advice in regards to CarMax, they got it all so I might as well do all of my test drives there . Just wondering what’s your choice for midsize suv would be ? :slight_smile:

How do you figure where to get those fresh off lease clean vehicles.

I do not like mid-size SUV’s at all so I don’t have a preference. I will say I rented a BMW X3 on a trip with 4 adults once. It drove better than I expected. Not a particularly comfortable riding SUV but handling dynamics were quite good.

I don’t see any reason for me to own a mid size SUV. I have a full size 4 door truck/SUV (that is no longer made!) that tows a bunch, hauls mulch and still carries 6 people in comfort.

I prefer driving sedans and coupes.

Just was out kicking tires, wife has a bad back, I was looking at pickup trucks, saw all the passenger seat controls, including heated seats, comfortable leather seats, towing package and said this is the car we need, fill me in on the details, I do not know if there is a specific way to search, luck of the draw I guess.

How is that possible to carry 6 people in comfort, midgets?

Its a BIG truck with a front split bench seat and a column mounted shifter. Minimal center hump in the floor.

Travels best with 4 but it can seat 6 comfortably. Chevy Avalanche, based on a Suburban, but with truck bed. Has a fold down mid gate allowing 8ft plywood sheets.

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