Smoking manifold

Citroen Saxo 96 1.1i

Ive just put on a new exhaust middle pipe, new cat and new front pipe. I also removed the manifold when i did as the front pipe bolts were just not playing. I have put it all back on securly. However…

After about 30 seconds of starting the engine there is a thin mist of smoke rising from the manifold. I cant pinpoint exactly where its coming from.

Is this due to the heat reacting with some WD40 that was sprayed on, have i not connected it correctly(which im sure i have) or is it just because there is a new front pipe now attached.

Can anyone help?

It’s probably the residue from the WD-40 burning off. If the exhaust were leaking you’d hear it. Any residual oil should burn off quickly. I’d give it a day or so and then check it again.

Thank you for your response… i have left it more than 24hrs now, however the problem still persists.

Have you driven it, or has the car been sitting? The oil won’t burn off until you drive the car. You have to get the engine and exhaust system hot.

Yeah i have, the smoke just gets worse. Just starts billowing out the bonnet.