Manifolds hot

I got a 318 la in a d100. Replaced the intake gaskets. valve cover gaskets. And pushrods. Put everything back together. Fires up. Within 30 seconds driverside manifold starts to smoke. I shut it off. Look at it and its hot like its been running for an hour at wot. Heads cold. And so is yhe other side. I dont got no cats on it. So nothing could be clogged up. I cant find any help anywhere online about similar issues. Ive talked to several people about it. Master techs and all. Im stuck.

I assume by 318 in a d100 you mean a 318 Dodge V8…

Improper timing can heat up an exhaust manifold just idling. If only one manifold is hot, I would suspect the exhaust valves are not closing all the way. Run a quick compression test on that side. One or more cylinders might have the wrong length pushrod in it, or a lifter is jammed.


Is the intake manifold getting hot under the carburetor? And is there a heat riser on the driver side exhaust manifold?

And BTW, why did you replace the push rods?

If it is your exhaust manifold , it sounds like you have a stuck heat riser.

If there is oil on the exhaust manifold it is going to smoke for a few minutes until it burns off.

It’s probably OK. When the heat riser opens the driver side may cool a little. Use your infrared thermometer to find out.