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Something is burning!

2001 Pontiac Bonneville. 135000 miles. Running well. Only in the morning for about 10 minuutesaafter starting and riding there is a strong burning smell. Don’t see any leaks. Helpl Please.

Well, you might not see any leaks, but you probably have one someplace. It’s probably something like a valve cover gasket seeping onto the exhaust manifold or something. It as much info as you gave, no one can tell you anything too specific by internet. You have an exhaust manifold in the front of the car and one on the back against the firewall. Scrutinize all along them - or just take it to a shop.

Two thoughts,

Oil pressure sending unit leak. These are usually tucked away in a corner of the engine.

Oil changed recently? I was catching a whiff of burning oil in my 03 Taurus I had just picked up. It turned out the oil filter was not tightened and was leaking onto the exhaust.

Check underneath for a plastic bag stuck to the exhaust system or catalytic converter.

My first thought would be an over-heating catalytic converter. Those things can get red hot in no time due to improper fuel delivery or a bad cat.

If it’s a valve cover gasket dripping onto something hot, you might be able to see some wisps of smoke if you look closely, maybe even using a flashlight.

Thanks everyone. Today I finally saw some smoke. Turns out upper radiator hose was seeping onto the manifold. It had been replaced recently, so mechanic tightened it. Hoping it takes care of the problem.

It’s amazing how often the problem becomes obvious by just looking.