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Smoking Acura

we have a 1994 acura integra, we just bought it and in a few days of driving it started to smoke out of the exhaust. The smoke was poring like we did a 10 minute burnout. we thought it was something to do with the oil. like maybe it was over full or something. so we replaced the valve cover gasket, the oil filter, and the oil to see if it will fix it. but it is still blowing out alot of smoke. and it is blowing out condensation. what else do you think it is?

Any moisture mayonnaise like accumulations at the oil filler cap?

Is the PCV valve stuck/clogged?

Does it run fine otherwise? Are the plugs fouled/fouling?

If you answer those questions it will be easier to figure what you can do. The moisture thing can point to a head gasket, but it wouldn’t be present without some loss of coolant and other issues.

no mayonnaise i dont on the pcv on the running it cut in second first is fine third and foutrh kinda cut

No mayo is good. Check the PCV. When you say “cut” do you mean it “breaks up”??

i mean it acks like it wants to slip but then it stops itself. another thing is when it doesnt smoke i try to get up to speed once i hit 45 mph it makes a clanking sound then it starts smoking again

and it has a really bad burning smell out of the exhaust

What is the color of the smoke? Is the smoke blue? Is the smoke black? Is the smoke gray? Is the smoke white?

The clanking is worrisome. You should have a mechanic to listen to it. It could be something very bad.

it is white smoke sometimes with black i think the sound is the transmission the only thing i am worried about right now is the smoking

Hold on a minute . . . could you describe the problem again a little better . . . hard to see it from here. The smoke is sometimes white, sometimes black? No mayonnaise on the oil filler cap . . . has your coolant level changed? Does it smoke all the time? Does the engine “cut out” on you? It doesn’t smoke through the gears but cuts out . . . then smokes after 45 mph? Could you describe the times when it DOES smoke, when it DOES cut out, how it runs otherwise? Rocketman

Is the CEL (check engine light) on?? Does the CEL even work? It should light when you first turn on the key, then go out…Does the car drive OK?? Idle smoothly?

Synthetic oil, when it burns, can produce white smoke…So can anti-freeze from a blown head gasket…

Honda uses an “alumasil” engine block which allows the piston rings to ride directly on the aluminum cylinder walls. Now and then, this technology fails and the rings “dig in” and heavy oil burning is the result. 1994? How many miles??

the check engine light came on three times in 400 miles. the car has a little over 151 thousand miles. since i have replaced the valve cover gasket it doesnt burn oil aroud the cover anymore. my oil is staying at a steady level. no mayo around the cap. it smokes all the time and it smell really really bad. but when it warms up when i am driving and trying to get up to speen half way threw second it starts cutting like it trys to slip then it stops. when it stops trying to slip it pours out alot of smoke. the smoke is white sometimes with a mixture of black in the white. the coolant level has not changed.the car runs good threw 1st gear then second it when it starts cutting and pouring out smoke.

2750 pounds times .30 cents, that’s $85.50. Do you want cash or check? Drive it through the gate, turn left and park it down along the fence with the rest of the Hondas. Bring the keys and plates back to the office. Thank you and have a better day…

what r u talking about caddyman

I hope you didn’t pay more than $85 for this car because that’s all you are going to get for it…

Offhand, sounds like coolant getting into the combustion chamber(s). This is often the sign of a bad head gasket. There are tests that can be done to verify this.
Coolant into the combustion chambers can also cause a clank by badly diluting the air/fuel charge or by causing the engine to hover around a hydrolock situation.

I think what Caddyman is trying to say is that you bought someone’s castoff headache, it will cost a lot of money to repair, and it might be better sending the car on to be made into tuna fish cans.

but the coolant level is fine it is where it is suppose to be


Okay, one last desperate hope…Have a decent mechanic check the ENTIRE PCV system. BOTH ends of it, not just the valve. If the vacuum side is plugged up, crankcase vapors, full of oil, will be blown back into the inlet side, into the air-filter box and into the engine…Is the engine oil at the correct level and what does it LOOk LIKE?? What color is the motor oil?

is there anyway the PCV valve if i replace it will fix it

The whole system needs to looked at, not just the valve…The valve and its vacuum port, what it’s connected to, can be cleaned out with a can of carb cleaner…Open your air-filter compartment, remove the filter and take a look in there with a flashlight…Look up the big black tube towards the engine. Any oil accumulated in there?? Is the air filter soaked with oil??

the air filter is dry no oil but there is oil on one of my spark plugs