Smoking tail pipe

my car has white smoke that comes out of the tail pipe after i have just driven it, it doesn’t do it while the car is running. Nothing is ever coming out of the hood. I dont know if both these issues are related, but when i turn on the heat my car shakes really, really bad. Over the summer the ac would never pump out cold air. So i just never turn on the ac/heat

So, what year is the Acura and how many miles does it have on it? What engine? Any other symptoms?
Any what climate do you live in? State?
Do you monitir your fluid levels? Have you been losing any coolant?

White smoke is generally moisture. In cold climates, after a car has sat for even a short time, white smoke and even water droplets can be normal. Your engine produces water, and it condenses on a cold exhaust system and comes out as water vapor and droplets.

White smoke can also be indicative of coolant being drawn into a cylinder and burned. That will generally cause other symptoms as well.

The car shaking could have a number of causes. A clue here might be that the AC doesn;t work. If your system turns the AC on for the defrosting operation, as many late model cars do, it could be that the AC compressor bearings are failing.

It’s also possible that the shaking could be related to the white smoke, as in a headgasket breech.

I don’t knwo what to suggest other than to get it to a shop. It needs to be looked at.

Not sure.