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Smoking 2013 Nissan Maxima

My car has started to smoke and make a crazy sound.I have had the PCV replaced and it still smokes. The oil has been changed as well. What could be the problem ?

We would need a lot more details and maybe post an audio link of the sound to even make a guess. Crazy sound is not very informative. is it a knock, thud, tapping, ringing, screech or a rattle. Is the smoke coming from the tailpipe or the engine compartment and is it white or bluish gray or black?

You need to look for oil leaks… Especially near the exhaust where the oil can be heated and create quite a smell and often smoke. Valve covers are common suspects with this.

Also you just had the oil changed…if there was an oil spill during fill up you can get smoke…or the oil gets on the exhaust in the process of changing the oil this can be where the smoke and smell comes from.

Many vehicles changing the oil and filter often wet a section of the exhaust system with the used engine oil. It should be wiped off and the residue just burns off…

So… Oil leaks. A spill during oil change fill up…or an exhaust wet with oil from draining the old oil or valve cover gasket leaks are the most common culprits. See which condition you have…