Random puffs of smoke

Fellows, I have a 1998 nissan maxima with a 3.0 engine. It is used we have put about 30k

on it and a timing chain tensioner and water pump. It smoked every tenth or so start and quit after the timing chain and tensioner were replace. We able to clean the oil return passages at that time. I have debated on whether to run a flush through the engine,but I don’t want to do any more possible damage. I change the oil regularly,but I still get random puffs when I travel any distance say 30 miles or so. I use Castrol 5w30 oil and it seems to run fine.

If the oil return passages had substantial deposits the previous owner didn’t change the oil often enough. There might be excessive engine wear. Worn valve guides will make it smoke on a cold start.

On an empty road accelerate moderately to ~60mph, coast down to ~40mph, then get back on the gas and look out the back window. If she blows smoke the rings are letting oil through.

I would live with the puffs of smoke as long as possible. Dealing with a worn engine takes $$$.

I was thinking along that line.
The engine does not knock or rattleand in fact has a lot
of power. I am going to keep on changing the oil and drive it.

Again Thanks,

I’m curious to know what “color” are the puffs of smoke?
If they are dark and/or blueish, I understand that to be oil.
But if the smoke is more white or “light” in color, that could be a possible sign that coolant is getting into the engine somewhere which could mean a few things…all bad, like a cracked engine block/head etc.
Just curious.

It’s blueish white and smells like oil not sweet like antifreeze.

That is oil. How about doing a compression test for a start.

Did a compression test and it is good with all numbers relatively equal.
I don’t see smoke on acceleration or deceleration either it is just periodically
at start up.