Smoke Tail Lights, How To Do It?

I’m looking to smoke my tail lights and my head lights becuase I think it looks extremely cool. I found this pretty sweet tutorial too. The little devil on my shoulder is telling me not to do it though. Does anyone have any input on this idea thanks.

I would not do anything that would reduce the light from my headlights. It would be real stupid in my opinion. I would not do the tail lights either, but I don’t feel as strongly about those. These are functional parts of your car and any tint will reduce their ability to perform their function. Their function is safety related.

I don’t know buy I would bet that some states or the federal government has some regulations covering and preventing this.

However you are not likely to be found out unless you have mandatory test, and unless you get carried away with the tint and if you are a young man or woman, you would be no worse off than an old man or woman who are loosing their night vision.

If you choose form over function, I don’t want to stop you.

Judging by your past postings you are doing nothing but pimping other (spam)websites, first it was the windowing tinting, now it’s taillight tinting. I imagine this runs afoul of the rules and guidelines for posting here.