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Headlight lens

Anybody have any opinions on Headlight Lens clean/restore kits?

I’m thinking of doing it,but would like some feed back

This topic has been covered many, many times. Perhaps you should search it.

If and when you come up with something that works, please let me know. I’ve got a headlight lens that really needs some help.

Those plastic covers is just another example of Detroit interested in fancy looks more than function. With the old glass sealed beams you never had that problem and when they burned out, a screwdriver and a $5.00 replacement lamp was all you needed. Now think back. Were those cars really ugly? I think not.

I wonder how much the dealers and manufacturers are making off this offense to the idea of engineering.

I invite everyone to write an e-mail or letter to the manufacturer of your car and your representatives in Washington.

dont buy any of them i found a way to clean them like new in under a minute no effort at all all you do is spray them with wd40 clean just like glass it really works and they look like new !!!

use wd40 spray on wipe off it really works and they look like new it really works!!

You can buy replacements cheap on ebay. They even come with new bulbs.

Meguiars makes one with good experience from some folks here, worth a try.

[i] Anybody have any opinions on Headlight Lens clean/restore kits? [/i] 

I sure do. Those plastic head light covers are terrible ideas. This happens when the fancy pants designers get more power than the engineers.

When I got my first car, a burned out headlamp would mean stopping by the auto parts store and a couple of dollars later along with maybe 5 minutes You would have a new headlamp, not just the bulb, and be on your way. All you needed was a philips screwdriver. Always had a clear lens surface.

There are a number of kits out to polish the plastic junk on today’s cars.

If you are as fed up with them as I am, write you congressmen and ask them to get the requirements back to were there were. I have. Enough request, will get it done, although I don’t expect to live long enough to see it done.

I liked the plastic sealed beam headlights. They weighed nothing and could be changed when they were yellow or when they burned out. They were kind of rare but I changed two of them to glass when they were yellowed.

an old man at a junk yard once told me a couple drops of anti-freeze on a rag will do the trick. Ive never tried it

if it did work my guess is you would need more than a couple drops