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97 Suburban headlight lense orange and cloudy!

Out truck lights are fine…but those plastic lenses are crap! How can I get ones that are clear? I need to see the deer out here!

You will discover that new headlights are horribly expensive, even though they are made of plastic.

There are kits to polish the lenses and remove the cloudiness. Whether they work or not I can’t say. I have a cloudy lens on one of my cars and everything I’ve tried so far has made minimal improvement at best, and it hasn’t lasted very long.

I’ve restored foggy yellow headlights beautifully with a drill-mounted buffing pad and some lens polish. I’ve also had excellent success using regular polishing compound. I prefer the polishing compound. In truth, anything with fine abrasive in suspension will work…I suspect even toothpaste!

Oh, and polishing compounds work best when applied with plenty of water, at least for the final polish once you’ve polished off the yellow.

To make this clear, I am talking about the plastic covering on the outside of the car (Not the actual head light) that has become cloudy.

If this is polishable, then do I polish the inside of it or the outside of it that faces the elements?

Thank you!

You polish the outside. The part that faces the elements, at the very front of your Suburb. An. In most cases, you can’t get at the inside without destroying the headlight assembly, and that’s not what needs polishing anyway.

McQuires makes a product called “Plasticlear”, something like that. It will clear your yellowed, cloudy lens covers right up! Look for it near the car wax products.

Yep, had this problem with my Sunfire. You can buy a package of wipes for your headlights at AutoZone and they work wonderful and are reuseable I believe. But they worked for mine! Hope this helps!

The UV protective coating on the lens is worn off, do as everyone has posted. If it keeps happening purchase a used assembly from a salvage yard or call Keystone for a new aftermarket.
Once in a while, the inside gets cloudy, no repair here.

Sweet! I did as you said and it worked out great! Thanx!