Smelling gasoline in a 2002 volvo s80

Been smelling gas in a 02 vovlo s80. At first, I thought I had tracked it in with from the pump with my shoes. But after washing things up, a week has gone by and the smell persists. I am concerned there may be a leak somewhere. Not sure here. What do you think it could be?

Thank you


Now that we’ve got hold of you . . .

WTH is up with your Jimi Hendrix mechanic post?

Was it a trick question?

Do you know the answer, and you want to know if we do, also?

LOL… I dunno about Hendrix except that he should have had better friends around him. As far as your smelly Volvo goes… Its best to lift up your skirt and have a looksie for sure…if there is gas a leaking…there is the smell. You really do want to know where that smell is coming from…I dont need to tell you THAT. So…lift the hood and look for clues. Its either a raw fuel leak or the charcoal canister EVAP system. Only you can tell us this…



Or a leaky injector O-ring. Which, I suppose, could be categorized as a raw fuel leak.

Hendrix was a genius with a guitar, even reputed to be able to play left OR right handed… and I’m not referring to the fact that he played a right handed guitar left handed. But his lifestyle was suicidal.

@“the same mountainbike” alright i’ll be looking into the injector O-rings. Hendrix was great, his music is unreproducible for obvious and then other more technical reasons.