Gas smell

i have a volvo 2001, and its been smelling of gas whether driving or parked, checked for fuel leaks didn’t see any, cann’t leave anything in the car because it will be soaked in gas smell even in truck. i smell it more when i’m driving with windows rolled down…never smell it when AC is on…

One area to check is for is leaking fuel injector O-rings.

Each injector has two O-rings. One seals the injector to the fuel rail and the other seals the injector to the intake manifold. If any of these O-rings are leaking even the slightest amount of gas, this gas comes in contact with the hot engine and vaporizes. So look closely at the injectors as the engine is running to see if any of the O-rings are leaking.


This is a dangerous condition. When you checked for leaks, was the vehicle raised, the engine running, and you were under the car checking? If not, mechanic.