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Hit Tire on Sidewalk, left a little peel on the wheel

So I have a Nissan Kicks 2018. It’s not letting me select Vehicle Make or Model so I’m just saying it here. Anyway, I drove by a sidewalk and it scraped on my tires. I checked to see what had happened and there was this little abrasion, it’s not that big. So what I’m asking is, can I leave it like this or should I go and fix this? I really don’t want to go to the shop but if this is something that cannot be ignored please tell me. I’m not really that good with cars. I just need to make sure this thing doesn’t get worse, like if the skin starts peeling away if I leave it.

You are probably OK but I’d keep an eye on it. If it forms a bubble or bulge, you will have to replace the tire.

Fact is, you should start saving up a bit for that right now. This tire is likely to start leaking very slowly.

If there is no evidence of a bulge on the sidewall after hitting the curb, you should be fine.

As a tire voyeur, I can tell you that small blemish is far from the level I would be concerned about. Look at what your fellow drivers are using - if you dare. That said, if the tire was near its end of life anyway, I’d change it and its three pals sooner rather than wait. That’s just me. When people ask me “What would you do if you hit the lottery?” I always reply “Buy new tires.”

Thanks for the tip. I’ll get it replaced probably when I go for my annual checkup. Hopefully 8 months isn’t that long. If not, i’ll just switch to my spare thanks. But of course I’m pretty lazy so I’ll just ride it out.

Thanks man. Ya this car is pretty new, I just got it 2 months ago. I’ll probably replace this tire when I get my annual checkup. Which is in 8 months. Hopefully it will last that long.

Gee and just when Minnesota is bound and determined to make cell phone use illegal but pot use legal. Talk about shoot first then aim. I’d rather see mandatory car care courses. Maybe I’ll bring that up at my defensive driving refresher.

Doesn’t look too bad but keep on eye on it. A few year back the missus ran over debris bad enough to put a small dent in the steel wheel with no noticeable damage to the tire. About a week and a half later the tire developed a bulge in the sidewall and was subsequently replaced.

Ed B.