Small motorcycle mpg

What mpg can I expect from a small motorcycle . . . say 175 to 250cc? 50? 60? 75 mpg? Rocketman

Check this out:

Yup. 50-60 if you control the throttle a little…The problem with M/C’s for daily transportation is the weather…

Nice chart. I’ll agree with it, that a bike with a 250cc 4 cycle engine can do 70 - 80 mpg and without pushing it to the max; just do normal driving.

lets not forget ,SKILL level.

I have a 1965 CM200T Honda (195cc)I bought new. It is not exactly modern technology. It gets about 36 mpg. My VW gets better that the bike. But the bike is fun in good weather.

People I have spoken to claimed that a Kawasaki Ninja 250 can get around 60 mpg, Yamaha TW200, the off road bike with the fat tires, is good for about 80 mpg on the street even with its lowish fifth gear which is easily corrected by using different sized sprockets for the chain.
Wayne Gerdes, yes the (in)famous hypermiler, is currently blogging a road test of the Yamaha XT250 and seems to get around 90 or so with careful but normal riding.


I have been told numbers as high as 75 MPG with 250 CCs. It probably depends on your size and weight. With an engine that small, your body weight will make a bigger percentage of total weight than with a larger heavier vehicle.

I think you mean 1975. Sorry, minor nit-pick.

That’s rough. My 1400cc Intruder gets around 45 mpg and I am not driving conservatively. Routinely 80+ on the interstate and not shy about rabbit starts everywhere else. But you’re right, I’m not in it for the gas mileage aspect. If it got 10 mpg I’d still ride it. Just need a bigger tank :slight_smile: