Lousy mpg on 2007 Honda Odyssey



I?m disappointed with the low mpg I?m getting on my 2007 Honda Odyssey. The advertised mpg is 19 city and 26 highway. It has a 244 hp 3.5 liter engine. I?m getting about 16 mpg in the city and about 21 on the highway. The Honda Service representative says ?get used to it as you?re driving a boat.? Maybe something is set wrong or out of adjustment. Of course there is not much I can do with the engine other than open the hood and look at it. Anyone else out there have this problem?

Most current EPA estimates are high.  Add a lead foot to that and your mileage is about right.  How have you been driving it?  How much load? Towing anything?  

Most cars will get better mileage as the wear in over the first 1-10,000 miles, but not usually enough to get you up to what you hoped to get.


It also depends on the fuel that you use. I have a 2004 Dodge Ram and if I buy low octane at the cut rate station in town that is always 15-20 cents cheaper I drop to about 11 mpg in town. If I run high octane from a larger chain station I go up to about 17 -18 mpg in town.


The mileage may be about right. One thing you can check very quickly is whether or not the van is shifting into to gear at highway speed. From a standing start, count the number of shifts it makes from a dead stop to 60 mph. If you have a 5 speed transmission, it should shift 4 times, plus you might feel the torque converter lock up. Most vehicles run around 2000 rpm at 60 mph. What does your tachometer read?

Mileage depends on many things. I had a 1990 Ford Aerostar van with a 4.0 liter engine that would run 23-24 mpg on the highway. My next van was a 2000 Ford Windstar with a 3.8 liter engine and it would run about 21 mpg. The 2006 Chevrolet Uplander that I now own with a 3.5 liter engine runs 24-26 mpg on the highway. Wind resistance plays a big role–wind resistance increases with the square of the velocity. The shape of the vehicle contributes to wind resistance. The Uplander I drive does not have a roof rack where the previous minivans did. Maybe the absence of a roof rack helps the mileage.

If the engine and transmission are functioning as they should, then sit back and enjoy the ride. Honda makes a nice minivan.


Does it have over 3000 miles on it? It takes that long to get the best mileage. If it is brokrn in, I don’t see it getting any better mileage with the V-6. Consumer Reports got 19 MPG overall. Looking at all the mileage ratings, you are right up there with the best of the minivans.


It has been said many times, but driving style impacts gas mileage a lot. My wife will get 16mpg driving around town with our 05 Odyssey. I get 20mpg driving around town- with my kids complaining about how slowly I approach and depart from lights. I love the gas mileage, my wife loves getting from one red light to the next quickly.