So What will I need?


i have a 1977 honda xr75, i need to know two things, first please watch and tell me what you think its worth,

Then, its just too small for me now, i need something with a little more power, im about 5’7", 119lbs, and id say just a little better than a regular rider, so please and thank you


My daughter is a very experienced rider shes 13 been riding since 5 she rides a ttr125 yamaha very quick bike keeps me on my toes riding it and ive been riding over 40 years my advice is get something that your a little afraid of if your not afraid of it it will hurt you quick.were getting readdy to upgrade to a yz 250 for her


i thought you just upgraded


Honestly, I think that’s a $250 bike. If it runs and shifts and the wheels are reasonably straight. Do you still have the original filter box for it? I’d put that back on, if I were you.

I think you’re a prime candidate for a CRF 125R. I assume you do mostly motox-style riding? That’d be right up your ally. The 4-strokes are a little more expensive, but I like the power better than the two strokers. But wyattspappa has a good point, it’s easy to get over-confident on a smaller bike. I’m a total fatty and my XL250R gets me around pretty well. I’ve just got a pipe and cam upgrade with a little port work and she hauls my fat butt up some steep inclines no problemo.

My dad is built about like you (a little bigger, but same basic frame) and he got a new CRF 230F a few years ago, it is plenty of bike for him. Has that nice electric start, light, just a nice little bike. That’s more of a woods bike, but the 225 - 250cc 4-stroke might be your cup of tea.


We did the 125 is to small should have bought 250 to start with.


well, i just do some dirt track racing with it, and i do still have the origional air box, what can i do to make it worth more?