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Slipping transmission

Friend of mine has a 2005 Ford Astro that won’t shift into the last 2 gears very smoothly. It will go through the first 2 gears just fine, but once up to 20-30 mile an hour it’ll stop shifting, the rpms go up but the van doesn’t. Letting off the gas lets the van shift, only then it’ll pick up some speed until it needs to shift once more and it’ll do the same. Not only does it do it while shifting, it’ll randomely do it again while in the last gear. Almost as if it slips into neutral or something. He checked the fluid levels and it appears to be fine as far as that’s concerned. Could the transmission just be slipping and there’s nothing he can do about it?

Is this ASTRO a Chevy ?
If it’s a Ford it’s not an astro.

Probably a Ford Aerostar, these had a habit of having transmisions crap out. The overhaul cost in 1999 was about $2800 or so. Your friend should brace himslef for at least $3000 or write off the car, since these have not been made for some time.

Sorry. You’re right. It’s CHEVY.

think it may have the same fate as the ford?

That means about five years old and ??? miles. Is there any possibility it is still under warranty?

Has the transmission fluid ever been changed?  As anyone checked the transmission fluid to determine what condition it may be in?

I’m unsure of the mileage, he bought it off someone else and when he did, the guy along side my buddy, drained the fluids, cleaned and sprayed the “pan” with some kind of degreaser or cleaner, from what my buddy remembers the guy telling him and then re-filling it with fluid. That was about 4 months ago. We ran the engine and checked the level and it wsa in the “HOT” portion of the stick.