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Clutch slipping at 32K miles

The clutch started to slip on my 2006 Matrix at just 32K miles.
Only going up hills ~3500rpm, near the engine’s torque peak.
The previous owner must have dogged it in the 8,100 miles they had it.
Unfortunately no way to know that time bomb was there.

Got the car back today. (Excellent indie shop in College Park MD)
The flywheel and pressure plate had blue color from overheating.
The flywheel had to be resurfaced.
The friction disk was not worn down much.
The pressure plate springs apparently were weakened from the heat.
I can really feel the difference.

Good news.
Did that shop replace the clutch disc?
When performing a clutch job, you’ll want to replace:
clutch disc
pressure plate
throwout bearing
pilot bearing

In addition to replacing/resurfacing that flywheel, which you did.

Did you have a question?

just rember the clutch pedal is not a foot rest

How high was the release point on the pedal? I would suspect that the clutch might have failed due to need of adjustment.

I’m just happy for you. While I have no argument with any of the preior commenst, it’s nice to hear a happy ending.

Re: the throwout bearing and that other stuff: I’d just enjoy the car and file that knowledge for future use. If and when you have another problem with the clutch, you’ll know what needs changing. Besides, I’m betting that any shop that knew enough to recognize heat damage and to resurface the flywheel knew did the entire job correctly.

Happy motoring.

Shoulda bought an automatic!!

Answers in order:

@DB4690, yes, they replaced all those things.
@Oldtimer, no question, is one required in order to have a discussion?
@Big Marc, tell that to the previous owner.
@Rod Knox, the engagement point was about halfway up, now it’s a little closer to the bottom, there is no adjustment.

mountainbike, thank you. This shop has a great online reputation that’s well deserved, IMHO.
It’s a small place, 3 bays, 3 mechanics including the owner.
No coffee shop ambiance. It’s a Tim Allen tool time wonderland.
The owner test drove the car to confirm my diagnosis, another mechanic did the work then the owner went on another test drive.
To my surprise when I went to pick it up the owner went out with his little flashlight and gave a quick look over under the hood, checked fluid levels.
Maybe he was showing off a bit, but he convinced me he really cares.

@EllyEllis, my last car’s clutch was in until the crank seal started leaking badly ~170k miles,
then it was a matter of changing while everything was opened up.
Besides, the two automatics I had in the past were both stolen.

I love how helpful EllyEllis is in these conversations. [/sarcasm]

I looked up the master cylinder that is listed for your Matrix and the illustration indicates that it is adjustable.

Without a question, your statement boils down to “I had my clutch replaced”. That doesn’t lead me into discussion.
You also didm’t tell us you weren’t the original owner.

" That doesn’t lead me into discussion. "

Oldtimer 11, You Have The Right To Remain Silent.
Others have responded in meaningful discussion. If you don’t see a way to respond then don’t respond. That’s the beauty of this forum. You get to pick and choose, just like it’s a box of chocolates, you choose or pass.

" You also didm’t tell us you weren’t the original owner. “
” The previous owner must have dogged it in the 8,100 miles they had it. "</>


The OP id say " The previous owner must have dogged it in the 8,100 miles they had it."
But I realize how easy it is to miss sommething like that.
And Whitey, you and I wouldn’t agree on what color an Orange is. I thot I gave the OP some real advice for his next car.

EllyEllis, this is my fourth manual car and the first with a clutch failure.

Rod, the adjustment on the master cylinder is for the pedal free play, which I checked before going to the shop.

circuitsmith, it appears that you got a good repair, no ifs ands or buts.

mountainbike, one of my colleagues often machines brake rotors and reuses the old brake pads.

That is NOT the way I was taught to work. I was taught to replace brake pads if the rotors needed machining.

I’m mentioning this to point out that not all mechanics choose to apply common sense.

circuitsmith I counted up and if I didn’t miss any I have had 20 automatics and only one breakdown, a '59 Ford. Something inside broke and reverse quit. Now, to be fair, I obviously didn’t put 200k on all these cars and trucks. The most I drove any of them was 130k on the last one I had, a 1996 Dodge 2500 Van.

Why must you try to turn every discussion about a manual transmission or a clutch into a debate about which type of transmission is better? From here it appears as though you are suffering from an inferiority complex.

Well, Whitey, it’s because I hate manual transmissions and think they are so antique that any inteligent person would not want one. And I just like to get you going!!

Elly, there is something very cerebral about manually shifitng gears that some appreciate.

I for one hate that I can’t drink coffee when I drive, but I like the tradeoff of being able to:

start the car rolling down the road
shift into second gear at the point i feel the torque has started to fade
then run that gear differently depending on road circumstances
which results in a quick shift or a late shift
when in third I sometimes like to lift off the throttle and give the rpms a break
but sometimes i see an approach to a sweeping corner and just then at mid apex
do i shift it down to second, match the rpms, drop the clutch
and make the engine and gears sing as i feel the weight shift throughout the car
a moment later, i have passed the curve and am in a straight
i casually use the clutch to smothly shift into 3rd and carry on with my day

excitement is over…for now till the next opportunity.

I would miss this without a manual…not everyone enjoys this, but i do.

I Don’t !! But I can do about that with my “slap shift or paddle shift’” whatever you wanna call it.
gdawgs, since you like to play with sticks, why don’t you get some “Tiddle Winks”