Van automatic sliding door not working

1995 Transport Van passenger automatic sliding door no longer opens or closes with any of the buttons. Can open and close it manually and locks with other doors.

I have seen this happen when someone accidentally opens the door manually and the switch or lever sticks in the open position. It could be that, or maybe the power lock on that door could have stopped working.

I would suspect a problem with the wiring to the motor or the motor itself as the trouble.

Use an erasure or a very fine Scotch Brite pad and clean the brass contacts on the door and body side. This has worked for plenty of vans.

Could be something as simple as a relay. Get your manual or get a print out of all fuses, maxi-fuses, and relays. I wouldn’t jump so quickly to bad motor.

Is anything else on the van acting up?
Hope this gets you somewhere.

Is this the pointy nose mini-van like the Lumina APV? If yes remove the “tail” fuse from the inside fuse box (near the glove box) and open and close the sliding door by hand 3 times. This procedure is in the FSM and you should do it any time the battery is disconnected.