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Skipping 2nd Gear

When I begin to accelerate at a steady pace I can feel my 2006 maxima w/automatic trans. shift into 2nd gear as I continue to gradually accelerate the rpms drop than rise dramatically the car then kicks back fiercely and enter either second or third gear. Does anyone know whats happening and what should I check.

First check the fluid level, color, and condition (smell) of the transmission fluid. Make sure that the fluid level is up to the ‘hot’ full line after a 10 mile drive with the Maxima on a level surface, engine running, and transmission in Park.

Get back to us with the results of the above.

What does the scanner say?? This vehicle needs to be scanned for codes first then monitored while driving to see whether the computer is commanding the shifts back and forth.


I changed the trans fluid about 2 months ago. I did the above and the fluid level is good.

I had the car scanned for free at a nearby autoparts store. The scanner read P0780 SHIFT MALFUNCTION.I looked it up in the mechanics manual and it says possible causes can be the control valve sticking or improper solenoid valve operation. How serious is this and is taking it to the dealer my only option?