Automatic transmission won't shift into 2nd gear


Anyone know what would cause an automatic transmission to not shift from 1st to 2nd? The transmission shifts out of 1st but the engine revs up when tring to shift into 2nd.

My dad suggested low fluid but I haven’t noticed any fluid leaks. The dealer changed the fluid and filter last May, less than 10k miles ago. They also replaced the controller module while they were at it.

I plugged in my laptop and tried to pull the codes but the transmission controller hasn’t thrown one yet.


Have you actually checked the fluid level? That’s your FIRST place to start if you haven’t.





What type of car? What year? How many miles? Have to know more details. If it is under warranty, have it towed to the dealer and let them figure it out. Otherwise, check the level of the fluid as well as the smell and color. Have you noticed any hard shifting lately? Any slippage of gears?


'01 Jetta VR6, warranty is over. Unfortunately the thing doesn’t have a dipstick on the tranny. I found directions online for changing the fluid, including how to check the level. It isn’t easy and requires diagnositc software to check the fluid temp. Supposedly a valve won’t open until it hits a certain temp, if the valve is closed you won’t get an accurate reading.

Sometimes there would be a harder than normal shift from 2nd to 3rd after driving on the highway for a few miles.


Dont use that gooey mess in the transmission…



Let a trans shop look at it. We have had some issues with this transmission with bearings, thinking it might be end play issues. Either way, this transmission is expensive to build (If done properly) I wouldnt take any chances, let a pro look at it.