Does my car need a new transmission

Hello i own a nissan maxima 2010 automatic transmission and recently took it to Midas and got a diagnostic of P0720 speed sensor P1778 step motor P0868 low fluid pressure level the man told me i need a new transmission. The Only issue is when i start going past 60Mph my car starts Idleing High on the rpmx1000 dashboard and car hesitates and stalls. But when i drive only 60mph and below the car runs smoothly and no issue there is no check engine light on dashboard.I took it to have it scanned by another independent mechanic and he told me there was no issues when scanned. so should i be worried about this issue and get the transmission replaced? thanks

A tech from Midas - the muffler shop folks - told you a new transmission was needed. That’s a bit like your veterinarian telling you that you need a kidney transplant. You did the right thing getting a second opinion and that opinion was that a new transmission isn’t needed.

I’d be looking for a 3rd opinion, though, as it sounds like you do have a problem. Maybe transmission, maybe something else. Transmissions are an issue for this car. You don’t say how many miles are on this car or if you have ever had the fluid changed. That fluid change may be way overdue and that may have caused the need for a new transmission.

I’d suggest avoiding chains like Midas or Pep Boys and take it to a good independent shop for diagnosis. If you can find one that specializes in Nissans, all the better.

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If you don’t know a good shop, ask everyone you know for recommendations. Eventually, you will find a few mentioned a lot. Try a couple of those for additional diagnoses.

the car has about 175k miles on it i have never got a fluid change on the car since i bought it. at 140k I hear changing the fluid on High mile cars may actually damage the transmission and its best to leave the fluid as is?

That is just another Old Wives Tale.
Sadly, it is very possible that a fluid change at this late point won’t help at all, even though it wouldn’t hurt anything–except your wallet.

Trans fluid and filter should be changed every 30k miles, so the fluid should have been changed at least 5 times by now. I strongly recommend following that 30k regimen with your next car, even if the mfr’s maintenance schedule doesn’t list that type of service.

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Sorry to tell you, odds are VERY good that you are in need of a new transmission. This is not a conventional automatic, it is a CVT. CVT’s are generally less reliable and require more service - as in fluid changes. Nissan recommends fluid changes every 60K miles for the Maxima. See attached schedule, page 10.

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It’s just my humble opinion, but I believe a CVT should have the fluid changed every 30k miles. One of my sons bought a new Dodge Caliber some years ago and the owners manual recommended 30k miles intervals based on severe service. And every vehicle goes through severe service.

Fluid is relatively cheap. CVTs are not.

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