SiriusXM no longer broadcasting Car Talk in mornings or evenings

Really disappointing…love the show in the morning on the way to work and at night when going to bed… now its gone except for 5am-6am !!!


complain to Sirius XM tell them we want it back !!!

Agreed. And with the exception of StarTalk (I will say that Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a fantastic science ambassador, and it’s great to see him popularizing science in this anti-science society of ours), I’m unimpressed with this “Insight” station that replaced it. A lot of the shows sound like the lovechild of Howard Stern, college radio, and the McLaughlin Group. Political shows are great, but political shows liberally flavored with shockjock BS and bad production values are not.

Between that and the licensing mess that’s got them playing weird songs no one wants to listen to on a lot of channels, I’m fairly close to cancelling my subscription.