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2007 chrysler pacifica am radio/sat radio troubleshoot

I have a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica ,and its satellite radion /AM Radio is not working.It used to and I have changed the Antenna,but there is no signal.How do I troubleshoot?

Assuming your satellite subscription is paid up to date ( why people do that is beyond me ) and AM radio doesn’t work but FM does. These things are just replaced by new units because replacement is usually less costly than repair charges.

The Sat Radio subscription is paid,mere $25 for 6 months.I bought brand new generic antenna from Auto Zone,but It did not work says no signal.There sure is a antenna to radio wiring problem.The Satellite radio did work,so I am sure initially it is fine.FM blares very well,I am avid listener as I drive 110 miles one way to work and back twice a week.Wonder if there is any way to trouble shoot,a signal tracer or alternate way.The replacement is beyond cost effective.

You might need to contact XM TO HAVE THE SIGNAL REFRESHED…

I may have reached to one conclusion,that the antenna input may have been unplugged accidently.Just saw a video at You Tube,“”,will explore.

these folks are ok, i’ve bought radios from them as cheap upgrades; also does your car have a separate sat radio antenna, when i broke the very small antenna lead, i got a no signal for the sat radio…got a replacement at best buy for about 30 dollars

My Kia came with a year of SIRIUS Satellite radio. I thought my Granddaughters would appreciate more choices but they still had their favorite FM stations and I only had about 4 SIRIUS stations I liked. When my free subscription was nearing it’s end and I discovered SIRIUS was $144 per year I cancelled. It cut out frequently when traversing a heavily wooded ridge where FM reception was perfect. I had no use for it. My antenna is universal for AM, FM, and satellite. It is short and appears very robust. I did not worry about car washes until I read an article where one was torn off along with the circuit board causing nearly irreparable damage. I remove mine now prior to a car wash.

When I bought my last Camry it came with 3 months of free Sirius. I didn’t find it all that great. Shortly before the free offer expired I get a phone call to subscribe. I told the representative I in the 2.5 months I felt it I actually listened to it 2x, and for the cost it definitely was a no go for me. I told them in no uncertain terms that I would not be subscribing no or at any time in the future, so please take me off you calling and mailing lists. Fast forward almost a year later and I am still getting at least 2 mailings a week and a phone call Once a month. I guess my last recourse would be a cease and desist order. Oh well, that’s just my pennies worth on auto satellite radio. Sorry for the rant.

It has been over 6 years since I cancelled SIRIUS. Telling the rep you will never subscribe is useless. The phone calls finally stopped about a year ago but I still get the mail. I find some satisfaction that they are wasting time and money on the mail which goes from my mailbox directly to the recycle bin. About 100 SIRIUS channels are included with my Satellite TV and I can’t recall the last time I listened to one. In my car I listen to one FM station and have thousands of mp3s on USB drives. I’m good.

I guess I am in the minority here I have had XM radio within about a year after they came out & I would not do with out it.I can understand everyone’s complaint’s.I am not tryng to change anyone’s mind but the reason I got mine is I cant stand comercials & anyone in the western states know’s that there are a lot of empty miles with no fm or am where there was signal after you go far enough you have to hunt for anther station I have had very few times with lost signal on the XM.I was driving truck cross country & loved it.I will admit it is to much like TV over a hundred channel" & only a few worthwhile & to much mail trying to get you to upgrade & buy the newest radios .After I retired I got one for the house & one in my pickup.

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It works great in the Western wastelands where I haven’t travelled for a few years. If I am playing mp3s and push the random button it’s like commercial free radio. I just have no reason to pay for satellite radio.

When I got mine mp3s was not invented yet & I think what I pay for the service is cheaper than buying tapes & cd’s plus I do not have to keep track of where the cd’s & tapes are.As I said before I am not trying to change anyone’s mind just telling the reason I like mine.