Singing Liz with 86 Volvo 240

I had the same problem with a 240 wagon of similar vintage and it turned out to be the power steering pre-load adjustment. To check it one removes the power steering belt and goes for a drive … if the pull is gone it needs pre-load adjustment.

What Frenchy Said, I had the same thing on my 245, aligned but pulls. I was driving down the road fighting the power steering. Had a manual trans so I coasted with engine off and the car went straight. I think its something that the old guy in the alignment shop should know about.

I can see that there might be some problems – such as bent steering rods – that an alignment shop might not be able to fix. But you’d think an alignment shop could do their measurements and say one way or another if something was amiss in the direction the wheels are pointed or tilted. The shop simply stating "The manufacturer of this car doesn’t provide camber adjustment specifications " isn’t much help to the car owner. If that is an accurate representation of the shop owner’s communication to the car owner, to me, that is sort of disturbing.