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BMW 323i wagon Power Steering Out

I just went to pick up my car from the body shop, where they reattached the front bumper and the left rear window motor. They also checked the undercarriage and measured the uni-body because the car cannot be perfectly aligned. They are stumped as to why, and apparently the measurements are fine. When I got there the mechanic told me there was no power steering (didn’t tell me that when they said it was ready to be picked up!). I have 2 questions: does anybody know about this alignement problem, and is it possible the shop did something to knock out theh power steering? I had no hint of any problem or leaking before bringing it in.

The power steering worked when you took it in and now it it doesn’t work. Yeah, its possible that the shop did something that knocked it out. As for the alignment, what parameter is it that they can’t get right?