Volvo Pulling

I recently installed new strut tower mounts and strut bushings on the front of my 1999 Volvo XC 70 awd. After installing the mounts,I drove it to the alignment shop and it drove fine. After the alignment the car gently pulls to the right. I took it back to the shop and they checked everything, including my installation. They said all was within tolerances, but that the reading on the right was best for the left and vice versa. However, the Volvo has no adjustment for this condition.They have no idea what can be done, but it is annoying to feel the gentle pull to the right - and it is not how it was before, so something is amiss. Any suggestions?

Step 1) Find another shop

Step 2) Ask them if they can adjust the alignment if the factory did not provide adjustability from the factory. If the answer is “No”, go back to Step 1 and repeat until the answer is “Yes”.

These Volvo’s (XC70) are tricky to align. Whoever does the alignment has to be particularly knowledgeable on Volvo, a general alignment shop might not have the expertise.

I had one of these ('98 V70XC) aligned by a Volvo dealer that pulled. When I called the dealer they told me to wait a week and bring it back because they had to have someone come in to align the alignment machine. Once redone on the corrected machine it was fine. Later on in the life of the car I had a tire shop do an alignment after getting 4 new tires. They screwed it up and I had to have it redone at a Volvo specialty shop, then it was OK.

My guess is the shop is not that good with Volvo’s and or their alignment equipment could be out of whack.