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Steering Wheel Alignment

I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla LE out of warranty. The steering wheel is slightly out of alignment, that is the wheel spoke is just off of level, when driving in a straight line.

Does anyone know how I could adjust the steering wheel myself, or do I need to take it to the dealer? I found nothing in the Owner’s manual.

Take it to a good indeoendent garage. You need a simple alignment. Properly done, the wheel will be straight again…and you’l have bettter handling and tire wear as a bonus!

Also check the tire pressures. If there’s a low tire in the front it can cause the steering wheel to be out of alignment when driving straight.


Take the car to a wheel alignment shop. They will make sure everything is lined up correctly and the steering wheel will be straight again.

You can take it to the dealer if you choose, but any good alignment shop can handle this job.

If the steering wheel is off-center then you should consider having an alignment performed as that can be a sign of something out of alignment; settled suspension or something bent due to a bad pothole, curb strike, etc.

You don’t adjust the steering wheel to cure this problem.

If the car was this way since new, it may be something that got by during the assembly process and if your tires are not wearing oddly, the alignment may be OK. If that is the case, and if you can live with the visual aberration, then doing nothing may be appropriate. Another possibility is that you might see a little of this on a crowned road and if that is it, I would anticipate that the steering wheel is a little CCW from the straight ahead position unless you are in England, driving on the left.

Rear wheel misalignment can also cause this.

Otherwise, the other posts apply assuming they mean front end alignment.

Thank you all for the excellent replies to my query.