99 Camry Oil Drain Plug

about to retire, which in accord w/ Great American Dream, means having to change oil myself again. wife’s car, '99 Camry has a drain plug that’s round w/ a socket-like or large Allen wrench hole. Things have changed since days of removing drain plugs w/ open-end wrenches, I guess. anyone know what wrench/gadget is needed to remove the plug, please?

If it has an allen head plug, you are looking at the transmission and/or transaxle drain plugs. The oil drain plug has a regular metric hex head.

Just to add to Alan’s comment; assuming he is right, and I believe he is, you don’t want to remove that plug unless you really want to replace the transmission/differential oil. We see a fair number of people who have done this and not noticed it until there may have been damage. It is easy to do on some cars and I would assume that is why they have the different fittings.

Now aren’t you glad you asked?

Enjoy that retirement.

you were looking at the front side of the oil pan correct?

look on the back side of the oil pan. you will see the OIL drain plug.small hex about 1/2" a 1/2" six sided socket should work; BUT it is metric. buy yourself a set of metric sockets, its worth it. some six sided, as well as 12 sided.